PLUSminus lamp

by Matej Štefanac

I am proud to announce that my latest design, the PLUSminus
LAMP, will be exhibited at Milan Design Week 2018 during
Salone del Mobile!

a new lamp typology

Engineered from ground up

It’s a huge challenge to design a new typology of a table task lamp, and not to follow many existing ones that have developed during its long history. Compression and tension springs, pressure and friction, counterweights, pneumatic arms, are just a few of them and their function is to make the lamp adjustable and balanced. PLUSminus lamp is using a not yet seen solution that’s small in size, easy to manufacture and assemble, and
enables a perfectly smooth motion for the user. It’s engineered from ground up!

L/W/H: 80 / 20 / 70 CM
MATERIALS: aluminium, steel, stone

complete freedom of movement

PLUSminus lamp moves like no other lamp does. Its position is adjusted only by a soft finger’s touch, all thanks
to the unique sliding mechanism. As soon as the user stops applying the pressure, the lamp locks in instantly,
giving the impression of levitation.

The lamp offers user a complete freedom of adjusting it into the desired position.
It does not use springs, weights or any other conventional methods common in modern day task lamps.

It slides horizontally and vertically, and it rotates around two axes.

long reach

Thanks to its feather-light minimalistic design and thin profiles, the lamp is very unobtrusive and almost invisible. 
With its generous dimensions it reaches well across the working area of an office table, enabling variety of uses.


Designed, Built and Assembled in Slovenia

Alone in Kyoto is a stool, it’s a wooden sculpture you can sit on. It’s also a statement and a conversation starter.
It was conceived back in 2006 when Kyoto Protocol was rejected by some of the the biggest air-polluting countries in the world. Alone in Kyoto stool is an exercise of trying to convey the feelings of loneliness and failed struggle in reaching a common goal.
Back then a statement was expected, today action is required!

L/W/H: 80 / 65 / 55 CM


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A stool designed based on the intersections of levels that breathe life into a sculptural and dynamic volume, with a snapping, restless profile, into something that’s poised between origami that becomes furniture and the Czech Cubist Pavel Janák at his best; proof that you can always borrow from the best stories and traditions without feeling their weight, actually achieving amazing projects with respect to today’s customs.

Beppe Finessi, Curator - about my stool "Alone in Kyoto"

Interior design by Aleš Gabrijelčič and Kaja Todorovič, Photo by Miran Kambič

Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana



"Alone in Kyoto"

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